dilluns, de setembre 18, 2006

L'americà vol enredar-me també...

mattdbab@ureach.com per a mi
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Hi Josep,

Congratulations on your first half ironman!! 6h30m is a good
first time!

- How many week I will need (more or less)?
A minimum of 4 to 6 months would be best. I'd plan to start
doing base workouts no later than December of this year to be
prepared for a good June race.
- Will it be enough five days by week?
Five days per week can work.
- Must I run a marathon for training?
I'd suggest maxing out between 21-26 miles for a long run
workout about 5-6 weeks prior to race date.

I hope this helps out. I look forward to working with you for
your 2007 Ironman.

Best wishes!
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